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Virginia Beef. It’s What’s For Dinner

With temperatures rising, some of our favorite winter veggies will soon be out of season. One food we love that’s always in season? Virginia Beef. Beef is a great source for protein, zinc, B12 and other important vitamins. The Virginia Beef Industry Council will share recipe ideas and tips on what to look for in the supermarket.

Whipping Up New Flavors
in the Kitchen

Stop by the updated Celebrity Cooking Stage, located in the Commonwealth Hall, to watch local chefs dish up their favorite recipes. Watch cooking experts in action and sample tasty treats. They will share tips on everything from picking out local in-season produce to how to prepare your favorite dish with a healthy twist. Check back for a complete list of events featured on the Celebrity Cooking Stage.

Chocolate, The New “Social Network”

Dove Chocolate Discoveries™ uses the power of chocolate to transform a mood, a party, a gift, even a life. They offer a full line of beverages, baked items, sweet "n" savory items, healthy options and of course, a gourmet line of premium chocolates. Stop by their exhibit for more information and be sure to register to win delicious products and other giveaways!

Gypsy Hill Foods

Gypsy Hill Foods has dips, salsas, soup mixes and meat rubs for all tastes. Their new Green Chili Dip is great with chips or veggie sticks. All of their products are preservative and MSG free. Try some of their savory treats at the Virginia’s Finest Pavilion.

Grapes and Olives on Tap

Stop by exhibit 2022 to experience Grapes & Olives on Tap’s naturally flavored balsamic vinegar & olive oil tasting bar. Grapes & Olives on Tap sells high quality, imported olive oil and perfectly aged balsamic vinegar infused with herbs, citrus, berries, chocolate, mushrooms and fruits. Come to the bar! They offer a tasting bar where you can engage your senses in an enjoyable, interactive tasting experience. Enjoy a taste of fresh, no preservatives, healthy, antioxidant loaded olive oil. It's "youth in a bottle"! Tasting their naturally flavored balsamic vinegars is like a visit to a candy store for grown-ups! Make your gift-giving healthy and fun this year! Pour. Savor. Enjoy!

Fresh Batch Jams

Fresh Batch Jams is a family operated business that specializes in homemade jams. The perfect recipe for unforgettable jam begins with high quality fruit and that’s exactly what they use. Their jams are low in sugar, vegan friendly and gluten free. Take a taste test in the Virginia’s Finest Pavilion.

Cheese, please!

Family-owned Bunker Hill Cheese makes delicious, creamy cheese the traditional way. They are one of the premier cheese makers this side of the Mississippi. Visit their space 1021 to take some home today! We recommend the feta.

Cooking Stage provided by WestCoastTops & appliances provided by Aaron's

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